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1) Message boards : Science : Bitcoin Utopia (Message 793)
Posted 1412 days ago by ChertseyAl
Message from Rebirther at Bitcoin Utopia asked for someone to post this link regarding donations:

(Don't know anything about it myself, just passing the message on!)
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Server error: recompile needed (Message 787)
Posted 1524 days ago by ChertseyAl
I am able to report WUs now without problems.

The forums look a bit funny, but at least I can carry on crunching :)


3) Message boards : Number crunching : Server error: recompile needed (Message 784)
Posted 1525 days ago by ChertseyAl
Getting this on my clients now:

17/07/14 18:39:30|SAT@home|Message from server: Server error: recompile needed

Also the website has lost it's (horrible black) 'theme'. Looks like an upgrade went a bit wrong :)


4) Message boards : Number crunching : Increasing of deadline? (Message 108)
Posted 2457 days ago by ChertseyAl
I think 10 days is plenty.

The only negative point from my POV would be potentially waiting longer for my wingmen to return their results.

If nobody is complaining, why change it? :) TBH, I'd rather you sorted out the poor credit (lowest claimed from the quorum disadvantages slower machines, and is only used by a few project now).


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