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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Joined SAT@Home, Could Not Join Team? (Message 115)
Posted 2424 days ago by AMDave
Team members report that the "Join this team" link is still missing from the team pages.

Please fix.

Thx to Ananas for the work-around in the interim.

2) Message boards : Number crunching : server status (Message 47)
Posted 2518 days ago by AMDave
example of reference of software versions used by projects

I think it comes out in an xml file somewhere along the line.
I can't remember which one right now.

Ah. advice from Bok Free-DC stats on this:
"This is not completely accurate as it is using the BOINC WEB_RPC for server_status.php?xml=1 to get the data and many of the older projects do not support this as they are on old builds. Even Seti@Home itself has a non standard implementation of it. So use at your own risk...."

Yours looks like this:

On BURP it looks like this:
Note the "22930M" as the second output denoting the software version that they are running.

Examples of problems on web pages:
Note the contact email address on the last line of text "If you have comments about the policy, email admin@ "
I am led to believe that is an admin config issue, not a bug in the boinc template.
You'll want to fix that when you have time.

Bon chance!
3) Message boards : Number crunching : server status (Message 46)
Posted 2519 days ago by AMDave
Not all BOINC project sites display the "Server software version" number.
But some do:
top left of page: "Server software version: 23097"

It is useful when reporting or analyising BOINC website bugs.
If a page bug is found you can usually tell (using other resources) if the problem has been reported to Berkley and resolved by them already or if the problem is a config issue by checking the version number.

It is not necessary, just a 'nice to have' feature that can save you time and help avoid trying to fix things when a software update will fix it for you.

Low priority. :)
4) Message boards : Cafe : Tea and cake please! (Message 31)
Posted 2532 days ago by AMDave
Welcome guys.

We'd better order more beverages and cakes :)
5) Message boards : Number crunching : server status (Message 18)
Posted 2534 days ago by AMDave

Thanks :)
6) Message boards : Number crunching : server status (Message 16)
Posted 2534 days ago by AMDave
WHile adding more work to the queue,
could you add a link on the main page to the server status page and enable the SVN version in the server_status.php?

Thanks :)
7) Message boards : Cafe : Tea and cake please! (Message 10)
Posted 2534 days ago by AMDave
...and keep it coming.
There will be more joining us shortly.
Party of 1000?
That's us.

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